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Events in Lviv

Exhibition “Treasures of the Tsing Dynasty”
August 10-May 1, 2018
On the third floor of the Palazzo Bandinelli (Rynok 2, Department of the Lviv Historical Museum) an interesting exhibition “Treasures of the Tsing dynasty” – a collection of Chinese Imperial Silver from the collection of the Museum of National Heritage “Platar”.
This collection of artifacts belonged to the tenth emperor of the Chinese dynasty, Aysine Giropo Pui (07.02.1906-17.10.1966). The exhibition presents the author’s works of various masters from the late 18th and early 19th centuries: sabers, ritual daggers, religious monuments, ornaments and other objects of silver, ivory, valuable wood, which have significant artistic and historical value.
Entrance fee for the exhibition: 25 and 15 UAH.

Exhibition of one painting by Infanta Margarita
October 13-December 27
Lviv National Art Gallery named after. B. Voznitsky continues the format of entertaining meetings with one painting in cooperation with Ukrainian museums.
Information note: Portrait of Infanta Margarita (Margarita Teresa) belongs to the collection of the founders of the Bogdan and Varvara Khanenkov museums. The picture was purchased in 1912 in Berlin at the auction sale of the collection of the Hamburg collector Weber. On the auction the product got after a long journey by private collections. The first documentary evidence of the painting dates back to 1827, when it was still owned by the Spanish artist Vikente Lopez-i-Portanya, and soon became the property of Infanta of Spain and Portugal, Sebastian Gabriel de Bourbon and de Bragança. The heirs of Infanta, who at that time lived in France, in the town of Po, in 1891 bought a London antique house Colnegy. However, the following year, the portrait was resold to the German consul Eduard Friedrich Weber. Heirs of the latter made a posthumous sale of his collection in Berlin. All this time, the picture was considered a portrait of another princess – Infanta Marianne Teresa (1638-1683), the eldest daughter of Philip IV from the first marriage. Subsequently, she became the queen of France, the wife of Louis XIV. It was only during the prewar years that it was found that a portrait girl – the youngest daughter of the king, the child of his second wife, Marianne of Austria.
Portrait of Infanta has a great museum and historical value and gives an idea of ​​the high artistic level of the “golden age” of Spanish painting, attributed to Diego Velazquez, although there are other assumptions …

Exhibition “Impressions of the Expedition Artist” by Vasyl Prydatka-Dolina
October 31-December 10
“Impressions of the artist of the expeditions” – this is the name of the exhibition of works of Vasyl Prydatka-Dolina, which will be opened on October 31 at 7:00 pm in the museum-cultural complex “Lvivarna”.
Artist and scientist Vasyl Prydatko-Dolin baselessly calls his paintings “informational painting”: he had to take part in an expedition to the Arctic and with his own eyes to see the lands of South-American Patagonia. The incomparable views of the polar landscape left a strong imprint in the artist’s work. The attentive spectator will notice that his paintings are not only exotic landscapes, but also the Carpathian landscapes along with the streets of Kiev – breathlessly breathing arctic freshness.
In the creative work of Vasily – more than 600 works made with watercolors and oil paint. In addition, he created many illustrations for books, several collections of post stamps, about a thousand geographic maps, and also wrote more than 160 scientific articles. In one of his interviews, Prydatko-Dolyin admits that the Arctic gave him a palette, and science is an object for painting: “For me it would be a mistake to end only with an institution or art academy. All the same, now my mind is much wider. “Art helps us become citizens of the world.
Works by Vasyl Prydatka-Dolinavagh had time to evaluate in the USA, Holland, Great Britain, Germany and even in Ecuador. At the moment – the turn of Ukrainians.
The museum-cultural complex of beer history “Lvivarnaia” opens its doors for all those who wish every day from 10:00 to 19:00. The exhibition will last until December 10, 2017. The entrance fee is 60 UAH, and for representatives of the preferential categories – 48 UAH.

Concert “Jadan and Dogs”
November 24, 2017, 19:00
! FESTrepublic Club (24, Starozenskaya str.)
Ten years ago, in the autumn of 2007, the first performance of a new sk-punk project that united poet Sergiy Zhadan and the group “Dogs in Space” was held in Kharkiv. At the time of the first concert, the project had in its repertoire only three compositions and as many adherents in the audience hall.
Since then, Zhadan and Dogs have managed to record 4 studio albums, give hundreds of concerts in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Belarus and America and become one of the most successful domestic rock groups. During this time more than two dozen musicians passed through the project. Today’s composition has been unchanged for several years, indicating that the group managed to determine its own musical and communicative priorities.
This year, Jadan and Dogs, celebrating their 10th anniversary, are preparing several gifts for their supporters at once. First, a big tour of Ukraine and its environs is planned. Secondly, musicians are preparing an album of the best songs in ten years, to which they will select compositions from all previous albums, and some of the compositions will be specially rewritten in a new sound. Thirdly, in the near future fans of Zhadana and Dogs are waiting for the premiere of the video on a completely new thing.
At the great jubilee concert of Zhadana and the Dogs, both old, well-known songs, and a few real surprises will sound.

Concert Valery Sokolov & Gary Hoffman
November 26, 2017, 18:00
Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society (7 Tchaikovsky Street)
COST 80 – 200 UAH
Three works – the cornerstones of the symphonic art of Johannes Brahms – mark the major periods of his dramatic creative life. Ancient chorus of St. Anthony, literally written from the manuscript of Haydn, became the basis of shining multifaceted variations.
The Grand Second Symphony presents a wide picture of the beautiful Austrian nature and folk spirit.
A masterful double concert for violin and cello, pathetic and at the same time full of sophisticated scherzoznosti. The coherent dialogue of the two instruments, reflected in clear, pure, classical forms, is brilliantly transmitted by two virtuosos of the present day – Valery Sokolov and Gary Hoffman under the direction of the Austrian conductor Georg Koogy.
In the program:
Johannes Brahms
Variations on the theme of J. Haydn op. 56a
Concerto for violin and cello with orchestra for minor opr. 102
Symphony No. 2 in D Major op. 73
The concert is sponsored by the Canadian philanthropist of Ukrainian origin Mr. Richard Kozak.

Poetic-choreographic play “Dollar”
December 16, 2017, 19:00
National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater named after. Maria Zankovetska
(Lesia Ukrainka street, 1)
COST 200 – 380 UAH
Edelweiss Art Association invites you to a poetic-choreographic play “Dollar”. Your experiences will find a new stage form in a choreographic show with author’s sensual poetry.
– Choreography
– Poems – as spoken live poetry
– Acting
– Philosophical thoughts
– Mysteriousness and mysticism
– The feelings that affect everyone
– Fantasy and unreality of events
– Unusual story of the artist, which everyone will read in his own way

Painting exhibition by Yuriy Koval “Scheduled Territory”
November 16, 2017 – December 10, 2017
Cultural and artistic center “Dzyga” (35, Armenian city)
According to the author, the given project – it’s reflections on the problems of territorial affiliation, encoded in music and the phenomenon of dance. “You have to feel the hall, because music dictates its conditions, outlining certain boundaries. The more confident you feel, the more frank, more plastic and more integral result is obtained. Reflecting on this, I pay attention to the feeling of my own body during the dance.”
In each work, the author focuses on the human body, plastic, movements, thus emphasizing the uniqueness of human nature. Most of them were created by the author in 2017.
Additional Information:
Yuriy Koval was born on May 12, 1979 in Lviv. In 2004 he graduated from Lviv national academy of arts, faculty of interior design.
In 1998 graduated from Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts. I. Trush, Faculty of Advertising in the architectural-spatial environment. His account includes about 10 personal projects and participation in 30 group exhibitions.

Exhibition «(not) marked»
07 September 2017-26 November 2017
Center for Urban History of Central and Eastern Europe (Bohomoltsia Academician St., 6)
COST Entrance is free
The exhibition combines artist Nikita Kadan’s reflections, historians and other scholars on issues related to the crimes of Nazism and Stalinism, ethnic cleansing and other acts of violence in the 1930s and 1940s.
Among the heritage of the twentieth century there are countless and undefined graves and millions of dead. Their names are often unknown. And if known, then first of all in family retellings. Nameless in numbers, they become symbols and objects of memory, politics and research. At the same time, those related to mass violence, still have little meaning, especially locally. They continue to use and subordinate to a narrow ideological framework and political goals. The exhibition “(not) designated” is intended to give impetus to broader reflections and comprehension of the traumatic and still unspoken themes of our past.
The basis of the exhibition is the work of Nikiti Kadan, which consists of three series: “Chronicles”, “Pogrom” and “National Landscape”. Through artistic processing of photographs of victims of the worst mass crimes of the twentieth century, Nikita addresses the theme of violence and raises the question of the dangers of ideologizing and manipulating, crowding out the “awkward story” and the consequences of “competition of memories.”
The feature of the exhibition is the attraction of researchers, primarily historians, but also representatives of such disciplines as philosophy, anthropology, psychiatry, literature, law, visual studios. These are authors and authors from Ukraine, the USA, Poland, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands who work with source materials and participate in contemporary discussions on these topics.
Nikita Kadan – artist; was born in Kiev in 1982. In 2007 she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, where she studied painting department in the studio of monumental art under the direction of Professor M. Storozhenko. The author of sculptures and installations, painting and graphic art works. Member of the group of artists R. E.P. and the curatorial and activist union of Khudrad.

Exhibition “Under the patronage of St. Luke”
November 02, 2017 – November 26, 2017
Ukrainian art of the twentieth century. Department of NLL them. Andrey Sheptytsky (Dragomanov Street, 42)
The church honors St. Luc not only as an apostle and evangelist, but also as the first icon painter, the author of the icon of the Virgin. Various artistic circles or workshops, especially those working in the area of ​​sacred art, choose it as their patron. It was until the day of the reign of St. Evangelist Luke – October 31 – Dated Exhibition.
The only department in this direction in Ukraine represents its work for more than twenty years from the time of its foundation. This, first of all, the realization of sacred projects both in interiors and on the facades of temples performed by teachers, graduates and students of the department. Such a view was a priority task of the apologists of the founding of the department – professors of Roman Vasilik (from then until now, the head of the department), Karl Zvirynsky, Volodymyr Ovsiychuk, Mykola Kristopchuk (alas, now deceased), etc.
In addition to temple implementations, presented on large-scale printed matter, the exhibition also exhibits easel works – icons and various sacred content compositions based on the study and rethinking of the traditions of Ukrainian sacred art. Among them are the works of the youngest generation of students of the department, which take over the stylistic findings of their predecessors, continuing and developing the already established traditions of the modern school of sacral painting.

Exhibition “Contemporary Polish Art”
November 23, 2017 – January 15, 2018
Pinzel Museum (2 Customs Square)
The exhibition of contemporary Polish art acquaints with paintings, sculptures and photographs of the artists of Elblag. Eighteen authors whose works are offered to viewers – participants in international plein-airs, symposiums, contests, laureates of many awards, their works are in museum and private collections of Poland and far beyond its borders.
The exhibition is presented by the art center Galeria EL, which plays one of the key roles in the transformation of Polish contemporary art and serves its popularization in a broad sense. The style of the Gallery is extremely flexible and always correlates with the latest avant-garde trends.
The collective exhibition is an overview of the artistic work, which at the same time causes association with the words, which are original symbols – such as “culture”, “art”, “dialogue”, “mission”.
Being connected in different ways with the city and the region, artists create the image of the Elblong artistic space, contributing to the culture of the region, having its own specificity and at the same time fitting into the image of national culture and heritage of many generations.
Various creative sensibilities and often extreme, contrasting and exceptional understanding of the world, presented in a different stylistic and artistic perspective, should not overshadow one apparently the most important idea – meeting and dialogue. Actually this is the work of art and the signs in them, allowing all the acquaintances, including the most wonderful – meeting and knowledge of another person.
The exhibition presents works by artists:
Beata Ewa Białecka / Mariusz Białecki / Jerzy Domino / Anna Gawron / Roma Jaruszewska / Bogdan Kiliński / Konrad Kosacz / Janusz Kozak / Benedict Kroplewski / Miłosz Kulawiak / Ewa Prelewska / Halina Różewicz-Książkiewicz / Katarzyna Smeja-Skulimowska / Zbigniew Szmurło / Ryszard Tomczyk / Margarita Wójcik / Dominik Żyłowski / Waldemar Cichoń

Exhibition “Body of the Furry”
October 20, 2017 – November 26, 2017
National Museum in Lviv named after Andrey Sheptytsky (20 Freedom Avenue)
Christian art puts the Incarnation in the center of its interests – the transformation of the image of the invisible God not through the realistic reflection of reality, but through the search for meaning. How to reliably represent the presence of God through the artistic “tools”? Is the codified language of the iconographic translation more appropriate, that is understood by contemporaries? Is and where is the boundary of the icon painter’s search for the Incarnation?
These and other issues arose this year in front of the participants of the IX International Icon Painting Plenary in Noviy.

Exhibition “Zankovetska Theater. The first 100 years ”
November 10, 2017 – December 06, 2017
National Museum in Lviv named after Andrey Sheptytsky (20 Freedom Avenue)
An exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the theater will allow you to look beyond the scenes of the theatrical process, as well as explore the milestones of the creative activity of one of the country’s oldest theatrical groups and its leading artists.
Among the exhibits are the original documents related to the activities of the theater since its foundation, photo and video archival documents, scenographic layouts, original costumes from the appearances, which are included in the history.
The rare exhibits to its exposition were given by the Museum of theatrical, musical and cinema of Ukraine. This oldest Ukrainian theater museum, in cooperation with Zankovcany, has created an exhibition space that represents the movement of theater unknown to the general public in time and space.
During the exhibition, a number of lectures, author’s excursions with the participation of well-known figures of theatrical art of Ukraine, evening viewing of theater shows, a special program for young people for the purpose of knowing the features of the theatrical affair are planned.
Creative group: curator – Tatyana Rudenko (MIMC of Ukraine), artist – Natalia Tarasenko, and also Tetyana Batytska, Gleb Drach, Pavel Vlasenko (Maria Zankovetska Theater).

Exhibition in the gallery LNAA
November 22, 2017 – December 15, 2017
Gallery of the Lviv National Academy of Arts (Kubiyovycha St., 35b)
COST Entrance is free
The exhibition of easel graphics, dedicated to one of the most popular high-tech techniques – linseed. The exhibition consists of creative works of the younger generation of artists, graduates and students of the department of graphic design LNAM, which were performed within the framework of the educational process during 1998-2017. Both independent works of art and works performed in the framework of complex design tasks will be presented. The exhibition demonstrates an extremely high professional level and offers the viewer new opportunities for traditional equipment.
The project represents a certain section of the development of the Lviv school of graphics in the last decade in the context of the development and popularization of classical technique of linseed, its importance in the educational process and the education of creative personalities.
The authors are young artists and illustrators who explore new aesthetic and conceptual possibilities of traditional printing techniques.
Curator of the exhibition – Mariana Motika.
Participants: Antocha A., Atanova V., Bruch M., Vinnitskaya H., Virstyuk A., Grigoriev E., Ignatiev V., Ignazevich V., Kashchak N., Kerecanin P., Kovalchuk A., Kudlyak V., Likhacheva V., Lyakhovich A., Maisk M., Maksimenko H., Marchuk N., Nikolayev I., Mozil S., Morgunova A., Nesterenko V., Prokopchuk I., Savinok I., Sobol S., Stetsov О ., Suslenko O., Tynna E., Topolnitsky O., Fedik T., Kholodny V.

Exhibition of painting by Kseniya Datsyuk “Romantic”
November 01, 2017 – November 30, 2017
Coffee shop “Shtuka” (Kotlyarska St., 8 (lateral street of Shpitalnaya))
COST Free entry
The collection presents portraits and still lifes, over which Ksenia Datsyuk has been working during the last year. A noticeable attraction to monochrome perceives insults and encourages concentration. A similar effect is observed with retro-photographs – gripped by a glance, look carefully at the search for familiar details.
About the author
Kseniya Datsyuk was born in Lviv in 1994 in the family of artists.
Draws from an early childhood. In 2016 received a bachelor’s degree in the Department of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts of the Institute of Arts of the Eastern European National University. Lesia Ukrainka and joined the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev on the department of easel painting.
He is engaged in painting and some kinds of arts and crafts. An important place in the artist’s work is iconography and monumental paintings. In the choice of the genre prefers portrait, still life, landscape. He is also working on creating allegorical and feature films. Constantly experimenting with technology, combining different materials (eg, oil paints, acrylics, gold, smalt).
A participant of more than thirty different exhibitions and art projects.

Natalka Shimin’s exhibition “Transformation”
November 21, 2017 – November 29, 2017
Gallery of Modern Sacred Art “IconArt” (26, Armenian Street)
“The interpretation of the traditional ornament in modern material sends us to the roots, to the traditions coded in the genes … Traditions of the continued and transformed today. Interpretation sends us to artistic textiles – a peaceful, cozy … one that has the potential to develop and merge with Contemporary Art “(c) Natalka Shimin

Exhibition of retro cards “Carte postale: a woman at a time of epoch”
September 29, 2017 – November 29, 2017
Lviv National Gallery of Art (Stefanyk St., 3)
Exhibition of retro-leaflets of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries from the private collection of Oksana Boboshko-Vandenevhen. Illustrated postcards, often with the image of a female figure, have made a significant contribution to the dissemination of secession. That “beautiful sex” propagated a new style that had a distinct feminist color. Congratulations to the mighty forces of nature and women, as their embodiment – these are the favorite secession motives.
The end of the 19th and early 20th centuries is the time when the modernist style began to emerge in Galicia. In Krakow and in Lviv, the modernist features of the Viennese color and entered the history of art as a phenomenon of secession.
In particular, on objects of decorative and applied art and in consumer graphics on postcards in particular, there were images of slender, curved, like stem, women, with loose hair strands in strange curtains. Secessional the artists adored the harmonious unity of man and nature that served the treasury, creatively interpreted decorative motifs and forms.

Metamorphosen Concert
November 23, 2017, 19:00
Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society (7 Tchaikovsky Street)
COST 50 – 90 UAH
Performers: Virtuosos of Lviv, Phoenix String Quartet, Roman Kreslenko. In the program: Edward Grieg “Suite from the time of Holberg”
Edward Elgar “Introduction and Allegro” for string orchestra and quartet
Richard Strauss “Metamorphoses” for 23 string instruments

Literary Seminar “Essays of Montaigne and Treatise of Skovoroda as Two Methods of Self-Cognition”
November 23, 2017, 15:30
Lviv Ivan Franko Literary and Memorial Museum (Franko St., 150-152)
The fundamental work of Michelle Montaigne “The Essays” and the prose legacy of Gregory Skovoroda have many points of contact. Among them are certain historical aspects. Just as in France, after the discovery of man in all its self-identity, the preceding Montaigne of the 15th century was a precedent, in Ukraine the works and people of the previous for the Skovoroda of the 17th century had a certain uniform character, were painted in the same colors, in particular, with the colors of the religious confrontation.
And Montaigne, at the end of the 16th century, and Skovoroda at the end of the XVIII century, became finalists of important civilizational epochs in the history of their peoples. One of the main tasks that the European humanism – the “revival” of Greco-Roman culture has set itself before itself – with the desire to infuse its own achievements with its own, late medieval civilization, the grandiose synthesis of the Christian “faith” and ancient “wisdom” – in Ukraine it was necessary to solve the post-war era figures – the baroque day.
Moderator of the seminar – Danylo Ilnitsky.

Lecture by Bogdan Shumilovich “Is this a kitsch? Between art and popular culture”
November 23, 2017, 18:30
Center for Urban History of Central and Eastern Europe (Bohomoltsia Academician St., 6)
COST Entrance is free
The word “kitsch” is an active turn of the European art dealers in the middle of the 19th century. and his problems became overwhelming in the 1930s. It was at this time that Clement Greenberg’s famous essay Avangard and Kitsch (1936) appeared, in which the author asserted that only art could save kitsch from dominance.
Again, artists and scientists talked about kitsch after the Second World War, but even in the 1950s there was no strict and clear definition for him. He posed so many questions that it was necessary to carry out large-scale research (as Herman Broch said) to find out. In the modern world, kitsch is part of everyday reality and it is worth talking and discussing more about it. Lecture by Bohdan Shumilovich will address the theoretical problems of kitsch, as well as how he became a part of Ukrainian culture and art.
Bohdan Shumilovich, a historian, head of the City Media Archive of the Center for Urban History in Lviv, explores the popular culture of late socialism.

Opera “Rigoletto”
November 23, 2017, 18:00
Lviv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Solomiya Krushelnytska (28 Freedom Avenue)
COST 50 – 500 UAH
Opera D. Werdi on 3 acts. Libretto: F-M. Shave.
Language of execution: the language of the original.
Action I
Picture 1
Rigoletto is the dual life of the perishable god of Mantouan. At the court, he is a willing executioner of the will of the lord, in a small house far from the palace – a gentle father who protects his daughter Jilda from all over the world.
Rigoletto mercilessly mocked the grief of the old Count Monteron, whose daughter was drowned by the duke. Monteron with anger curses a clown.
Picture 2
The horrible burden hovered over Rigoletto’s old-fashioned curse. Late in the evening at the house where Djilda lives, Rigoletto pulls out a stranger who offers a charge for committing any crime.
Tenderness and love are met with Rigoletto and his daughter. But Dzhilda hides from her father’s acquaintance with the young man and she has a feeling of being born in her heart.
The secret visits to Rigoletto are known by the courtiers. They kidnap Jilda, believing that this is a mistress. Despair Rigoletto has no boundaries.
Action II
Duke angry: a great stranger disappeared. Wanting to comfort the master, the courtiers tell about the night adventure – the girl is in the palace. The duke hurries into the rooms.
No threats, nor pleadings Rigoletto can return his daughter. From the bedroom Duke runs out of Dzhilda. With tears, she tells her father the sad story of her love. Anger and thirst for revenge are filled with the heart of Rigoletto.
Action III
The hired assassin of the Sparafucille. Rigoletto houses with him about the murder of the Duke, who is now captured by the bandit’s sister Maddalena. But the girl is persuading her brother to pardon her lover, and instead of killing her first one.
Djilda, which Rigoletto brings here to prove the duckling of the Duke, becomes a secret witness of their conversation. At the price of her own life, she decides to save her beloved.
At midnight Rigoletto comes to make sure that revenge has come true. But at this moment he hears the jerky song that the duke dictates. The unfortunate father, the dying Djilda, is behind.
Conductor – Mikhail Dutchak
Artist-producer Tadey Rindzak
Artist Mikhail Rindzak

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